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What do we do this, which to us has never been done?


We realize the idea of ??creating a mega-projects "in the open field" (Greenfield), including the comprehensive development of the territory from the idea to create a complex-destinations (mini-cities).

What is special about our business?

Expanding the boundaries of classical development business, we present a new one - the type of system development, which provides a comprehensive implementation of the mega-project, with its crushing on the sub-projects up to the individual objects:

  • Mega-Project: a unique large-scale all-season resort.
  • Fragmentation of the territory of the mega-project: 8 self-contained and simultaneously interconnected centers.
  • The implementation of each of the eight centers of individual projects, including:
      • Development of residential real estate;
      • Development of land;
      • Development of commercial real estate;
      • Development of tourist facilities;
      • Development of infrastructure facilities.

What is unique about our project?


The complex includes a full implementation of the project cycle: from creation of the idea of ??filling up of completed projects life - a unique spirit, the brand, atmosphere, image, style and charm.