СТС / Company / Philosophy


STS is a brand of a single working style.

Our principles


  • give joy to people;
  • change the society for the best;
  • be the leaders of changes.

Our approach: Why some companies achieve the breakthrough, and others – don’t?

Our approach is based on:


  • company’s compliance with specified tasks
  • appointment of proper people to proper positions
  • comparison of company’s operation with world standards and operations of world leaders

Task solution: That is our work.

While carrying out our main function, we pursue such principles:


  • work management principle: according to specified goals and self-control;
  • task solution principle: efficiency, precision, operationability;
  • problem solving principle: problem’s segmentation to the components;
  • official communication principle: laconism, completeness, structuring.

Team playing: You are a great actor in an awful play. What you gonna do with this?

Team playing is a determinant peculiarity of our company. We create such conditions, under which:


  • our ability to act in coordination makes our strong sides effective, while weaknesses – inappropriate ones;
  • our common result is more, than a simple sum of its components;
  • total working result is the main factor for us;
  • the rule of organization — concentration of efforts.

Spirit of the company: Everybody’s got his own boiling point.

You’ve just woken up, and the work already lures you! It means that our atmosphere meets ourconceptions of the company’s spirit. Everybody has to take care of the atmosphere :


  • create a good mood at work for yourself and your colleagues
  • do your best to create the atmosphere of mutual trust
  • decide the most serious tasks with an easy smile on your face
  • apply every effort to achieve mutual understanding
  • don’t even try to spoil one’s mood: we punish for such things!

Our ambitions: What special can we do, that nobody even has done before?

STS is an usual company producing unusual things. We are called to:


  • carry out a great business
  • considerably influence the development of the society
  • form the future in an ordinary today
  • become the leaders of changes.