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Social responsibility

What do we give to the society?

1. Environmental protection and improvement of the quality of objects that are being constructed.

We plan to activate the development of tourist industry in pristine, picturesque and ecologically clean district of Zakarpattya. Therefore the maintenance of its primordial kind is for us one of the main tasks. We pay a great attention to creation of amusement parks, development of botanical researches on the territory of Polonyna Runa Mountain, preservation and at the same time popularization of protected sites of our region.

2. Development of socially meaningful cultural and historical objects.

Our projects are aimed at conservation of unique identity of the communities.

The creation of 8 tourist centers designed in 8 different architectural and genre styles is set forth within the framework of “Uzhgorod - Polonyna Runa” project. Besides the fact that individual brand will make each center special, it also carries characteristic values and ideas. In addition, development of cultural and historical objects includes:

  • Revival of the disappeared village: Likicary village is included into the program of support, conservation and revival of UNESCO cultural heritage, - is the essential part of the project’s concept.
  • Renewal of architectural monuments: reconstruction of Saint Vasyliy’s Church (Likicary village), which was built in 1748 without using any nails.
  • Revival of historical traditions: creation of a farmstead-museum in Likicary, participation in creation of Museum of Forest and Floating, making tourist proposals aimed at popularization of historical truth and cultural peculiarities of Zakarpattya land.

3 Municipal social programs.

Reckoning with people’s interests and their need in our projects, we carry out regular consultations with the public and meetings with people aiming to receive the feedback. This helps to make our business more flexible and strengthens its social and public trend.

Our successful move is engagement of children into the projects. We tell them about the project, listen to their opinions, hold the master-classes, organize competitions of children’s drawings and compositions. Children are our main partners. They:

  • Help us to see the world of projects through their eyes;
  • Will be the first ones who’ll use the results of our work;
  • Know the meaning of tourism and development business not just by word of mouth, but they already work with us.

What do we wait from the society?

4. We are waiting from people for perception and support of our ideas and actions, and understading of the fact that it’s necessary to build the future already today.

5. From the state we are waiting for:

  • Establishment of the legal framework, which meets the needs of the state on the present stage of its development and furthers the dynamic development of tourism and recreation;
  • Precise, clear and transparent rules of play that correspond to the needs and realities of the present time;
  • Creation and establishment of the civilized, common and unified for all the country mechanism for passing of permitting and endorsement documents, decrease of their quantity and volume to reasonable level;
  • desicive (drastic) actions on creation of infrastructure within the area of large-scale projects realization;
  • understanding of the fact that investments into tourism are investments into country’s future.