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Who climbed the mountain for the first time, he certainly felt the effect of "the illusion of victory," just as he reached the top of the mountain. He thought he had won. He took it - this summit. Within a few seconds he realized that a new panorama arose in front of him, and he saw a new top - about to close, near at hand.


You took your courage in both hands, concentrated all your efforts and, overcoming all the barriers, you went higher. It turned out – it’s not so easy and not as close, but you still made it. You won ... and what’s there after a few seconds? Yes, the same picture! New horizons and a new top - about to close, near at hand.


As a time passed, you understood, for reaching the absolute top, you must take every new height. You need to correctly estimate the energy, time and resources. But you did realize something else: there wasn’t any "illusion of victory” after taking the first height, it was a real victory. And each new height – it’s your next victory.


As climbing the Polonyna Runa mountain, I can not clearly say where we are: at the beginning or in the middle of the road, may be slightly higher, may be a bit lower ... And that’s not because I can’t say that we haven’t learned to estimate - we also find ourselves in front of new horizons and new heights. But today I can definitely say that we successfully reached the height of the "Pre-investment stage". Moreover, all the new efforts only feed our energy. And we are ever willing to go higher and reach the new heights.


Our success - is our team. The "fanatics", united by a great idea, which classically meets the definition of "synergy."


Our success - are our assets, that created not only the capital but also enable us to do what no one ever before us did.


Our success - are tried and tested technologies, mechanisms, communications, that allowed us to solve the questions that seemed to be impossible to solve.


All this allows us to look ahead with optimism, because this accumulated base - is a business, and a real business is stronger than any foreseeable crisis.


We created the "STS" team, which certainly will dominate at the market, and not just because it is the first tourism project in Ukraine, which is implemented according to a single concept of development and according to precisely defined algorithms, but also because we already today think about the future, and not only think but also make it, and make it seriously.



Director General of STS LLC


Vladimir Panov